• To foment the study and investigation on the Spanish Civil War (1936-1939) in its multiple interrelations, geographical areas and international dimension of the conflict.
    • To organize international meetings of scientific character to promote studies and exchange of experiences and knowledge in the investigation on the Spanish War and its epoch.
    • To promote the edition and publication of scientific papers on the Spanish Civil War and the international context of the moment.
    • To stimulate the organization, development and relationship of research groups on the Spanish War conflict.
    • To present, jointly or separately, proposals to calls for subsidies, grants and research and innovation projects of a regional, national and European nature.
    • To maintain scientific, informative and informative relations among all the members of the network that stimulate and facilitate synergies in the research on the history of the Civil War.
    • To work on the digitalization of all kinds of sources and documents on the Spanish Civil War to make the information accessible to all the members of the network.
    • To carry out databases that contribute new knowledge to different aspects of the war.



    • Spanish and foreign research centers of recognized prestige that have among their objectives the study of the period of the Spanish Civil War, both in its antecedents and development as in its consequences. Also those who develop their research with related topics, as the history Contemporáneacomprendida fundamentally in the decades of the Thirties of the twentieth century.
    • Universities and university centres (faculties, departments, seminars, etc.) from all over the world who teach and develop research on the Spanish Civil War and its context.
    • Consolidated research groups, from any country, that have among their main objects of study the history of Spain of the twentieth century, with special attention to the period of the Civil war.


 Membership Requirements

    • Complete the network accession Model (annex I), in any of its official languages, signed by the legally authorized manager of the center, university or group and send the original document to the Coordinating Center for safekeeping.
    • Commitment to include on the website of each member information on their membership of the network, logo and link to their website.
    • If a member decides to unsubscribe, the person responsible must communicate it in writing to the coordinating center.


 Headquarters and coordination

    • Center of Studies and Documentation of the International Brigades (CEDOBI), mixed center of the University of Castilla-La Mancha (Spain) and the Institute of Studies Albacete (CSIC). Its general function is to "broaden scientific knowledge about the International brigades and the last Spanish Civil War".
    • Postal address: Calle de las nuns S/N., 02005 Albacete. Telf.: 967523046.
    • Web Address: http://www.brigadasinternacionales.uclm.es/
    • E-mail address: cedobi@iealbacetenses.com
    • Responsible: Dr. Francisco Alia Miranda, Titular professor of Contemporary History (accredited to the body of university professors) of the University of Castilla-La Mancha. Faculty of Letters, Avda. Camilo José Cela S/n, 13071 Ciudad Real. E-mail: Francisco.Alia@uclm.es
    • The person in charge of the network may appoint a secretary and other collaborators in order to assist in the functions thereof.
    • The CEDOBI will be in charge of the maintenance of the Web information of the network, in whose realization all the members will be able to collaborate.

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