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If we focus on the values on the left, there may not have been any greater heroes than the International Brigades in the Spanish Civil War. A total of 2,500 British anti-fascist volunteers abandoned their reality in their places of origin to fight for ideals, those of freedom and emancipation of their kind, in a country that was not theirs and where a quarter lost their lives. Some were poets or writers who changed their settled life by a rifle in the harsh reality of the front. We see them as selfless people, without doubt or remorse, who fought relentlessly to defend the Second Spanish Republic and never refused the goal that had led them to Spain to fight. This book proposes to demystify, in part, the idea that we have of them, without taking away a minimum of the worth or the passion that they put in each action. As we read his letters we will see that we find common people who tell their experience during the anti-fascist struggle and that allow us to visualize perfectly identifiable and differentiable beings with worldly baseness, as if that were more important than the Freedom, democracy, the Republic or the revolution.