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The presence in Spain of some 35,000 volunteers, recruited by the third international, got citizens from more than 53 countries to cooperate with the people's Army of the Republic during the Civil War. The history of the brigades has generated from 1996 to this date a literature in rapid growth.

The International brigades have been studied from many perspectives. This article discusses the broad panorama of Desglosándolos books in six areas. We have referenced 168 titles published between 2006 and 2013 and we have analyzed them statistically from the point of view of their language, place of appearance, year and
Main theme. In terms of language, 73% were written in Spanish, 10% in English, 5% in Catalan, 4% in Italian, 4% in French and 4% in other languages. Approximately 82% were published in Spain and only 18% abroad. By date, the largest production volume took place in the year 2009. By topics, the highest percentage is composed of biographies and memoirs. They follow the place of origin of each brigade, general military aspects and the most important battles.

At 75 years almost of the end of the Civil war the phenomenon of the international brigades and their meaning is more present than ever. Not only has a considerable number of books been written, but activities such as film screenings and exhibitions have also been organized to pay homage to the foreign volunteers who came to Spain to fight Franco.