The Alibri Bookshop in Barcelona hosted this past Wednesday 29th of March the presentation of a brief history of the International Brigades of Jaume Claret, a book published in co-publishing by the CEDOBI and the Editorial cataract. In addition to the author, the event was attended by Antonio Selva and Josep Fontana.


Professor Fontana, professor emeritus of the Universitat Pompeu Fabra, evoked the decisive role he played as editorial advisor to achieve the edition of the Pioneer Book of Andreu Castells on the brigades in 1974. From that initial contact to the latest bibliographical contributions, he highlighted as a characteristic element the profound conviction – which always accompanied those volunteers – on the decisive character for the progressive ideals and for the struggle Anti-fascist of the Spanish Civil War. To illustrate the radical difference between the two worlds, he showed a flyer dated in Valencia in 1938, where he advocated culture and education as tools for social transformation.


For his part, the co-director of the Center for Studies and Documentation of the International Brigades (Cedobi) and director of the Institute of Albacenteses Studies placed the edition of the book online with the will to know and make known the history and heritage around International volunteers. In this task, Selva put in value the existing collaborations between the Cedobi and different research centers and specialists, but also the emergence of new resources because of the greater accessibility to some archives and the transfer of materials by Descendants of brigades and Coetanios.


The presentation was initiated with a brief intervention by the author focusing on the genesis of the book and the continuity of the memory of the International Brigades. In fact, in the subsequent colloquium, much of the interventions pivoted on the memory of those facts and on the access and disclosure of concrete details about their participants and vicissitudes.