International Congress "The Spanish CIVIL War (1936-1939), 80 years later"

Albacete (Spain), 29-30 October 2018.

On April 1, 1939, the Spanish Civil War officially ended. When the 80 years of the end of the contest are to be fulfilled, the Centre for Studies and documentation of the International Brigades, Joint Research Centre of the University of Castilla-La Mancha and the Institute of Albacete Studies (CSIC), based in Albacete, has organized this Congress in commemoration of the 80 anniversary of the farewell of the International Brigades. On October 29, 1938, Juan Negrín, President of the Council of Ministers of the Second Spanish Republic, pronounced the speech "health, Friends of Spain", which closed the acts in honor and farewell of the Brigades, who came from many parts of the world to fight Favor of the Republic and they had their base of organization and training in Albacete. The main objective of this scientific meeting is to analyze the new perspectives and scientific contributions on the Spanish War, in order to contribute to its explanation as soon as the 80 anniversary of its completion is celebrated.