Yesterday, December 1st, took place in the cloister of the Cultural center of the assumption, the presentation of the portal SIDBRINT (Digital Information System on the International Brigades). The exhibition was run by Lourdes Prades Artigas, director of the Library of the CRAI Pavilion of the Republic of the University of Barcelona.

SIDBRINT is defined mainly as a portal dedicated to the International Brigades, and especially the brigades, with the task of giving visibility to each of the people who came to Spain to fight with the republic, extracting information from Sources of all kinds and linking to different databases or specific references.

Then, Gabriela Dalla-Corte Caballero, professor of History of America at the University of Barcelona presented his book "from Spain to France: brigades Paraguayans through photography". A tour through the passage of several Paraguayans, especially Víctor Martínez, by Spain with the brigades and then their passage to France and stay in the concentration camp of Gurs. All this history, through the photographs made by Victor Martínez himself and preserved by his family.