On Tuesday 25 October 2016, the discovery of a plaque of homage to the International Brigades was held on the Paseo de la gare de Albacete. Franc Rozman was one of the first volunteers of Yugoslavia in Spain after the outbreak of the Civil War. Petty Officer, then became lieutenant and battalion commander of a unit of the International Brigades. In 2011 he was given a tribute in Slovenia, the minting of a coin of two euros.

It is just one example of the more than 35,000 people from about fifty three countries around the world who came to Spain during the Spanish Civil War to help the Republic and fought in many of the great battles of the war. They tried to help the Spanish Republic, victim of the coup d'etat of military africanists, among which was the general Francisco Franco-leader of the Spanish fascism-, supported by, Adolf Hitler, Führer of the German Nazisno, and Benito Mussolini, Duce of Italian Fascism. In the context of a great solidarity movement, they fought for freedom and democracy together with the Spanish people and it was the first act of international resistance against fascism.

The city of Albacete occupies a unique place in the history of the International Brigades, being its seat in war and center of the memory so much for the foreigners who resided in it as for its inhabitants. So since the CEDOBI, in the eighty anniversary of the beginning of the conflict, this plaque is dedicated to the International Brigades for their solidarity with Spain and their fight against fascism.