The Association of Friends of the International Brigades continues to develop activities in commemoration of some important events.

We leave here your next initiatives:

On May 31st, the Book of Jaume Claret, a brief history of the International Brigades, will be presented at the Bookshop of Dreams of Madrid. It will be at 19 hours and accompany the author our colleague Justin Byrne, the dean of the Faculty of History of the UCM Luis Enrique Otero.

On June 6, a homage will be made to the general Lukacs: On the occasion of the 80 anniversary of the death of this general, it will be projected in the Russian center of Science and Culture (C/Alcalá, 61) The film under the name of Lukacs, of Manos Zacharias.

On 18th and June, the annual AABI Assembly will be held. We hope that new volunteers will join our activities.

The 22nd of June will be projected at 7pm again under the name of Lukacs, within the program of Acts of the exhibition "Orwell takes the Coffee in Huesca" sponsored by the Diputación de Huesca and the Institute of Altoaragoneses Studies.

Hours before, at 5pm, it will pay homage to the general Lukacs in the Strait fifth, the place where it died (June 11, 1937) when the car in which it traveled was reached by a howitzer of the Franco artillery.

On July 1st will take place the 11th march of Brunete begins at 9h with a tour that goes from Villanueva de la Cañada to the cemetery of Brunete. On the way back we will stop at the place where probably died wounded Gerda Taro, the German anti-fascist photographer who so much helped the struggle of the Spanish people. We'll pay you a tribute there. We will give more detailed information of the march in next days.

For more information see the website of the AABI