We present some of the bibliographical novelties that have been incorporated in the last month to the catalogue of the funds of the CEDOBI.

  • Ship on land Spain in Mexico/Pablo Mora and Ángel Miquel, compilation, texts and notes;. –1 ed.–Mexico City, D.F. : National Autonomous University of Mexico; Madrid: Fundación Pablo Iglesias, 2006 (México, D.F. : Rebosán Offset Workshops
  • Socialist posters of the Civil War/Alfonso Guerra…. –Madrid: Fundación Pablo Iglesias, 2007 203 p.: IL. ; 29 cm
  • Pablo Iglesias Foundation. The Russians in the Spanish war 1936-1939. –Madrid: Fundación Pablo Iglesias, 2009 308 p.
  • Against fascism: New York and the Spanish Civil War: Museum of the City of New York/Peter N. Carroll and James D. Fernandez, editors. –: Instituto Cervantes, D. L. 2007 217 p.: IL. ; 26 cm
  • The end of the war: the last stab to the Republic/Paul Preston; Translation of Efrén del Valle and Francisco Ramos. –1st ed.–Barcelona: Debate, 2014 413 p. H. of Lam. ; 24 cm


Ship ashore



The Russians in the Spanish War


Against fascism: New York and the Spanish Civil war


Socialist cartels of the Civil war