Through a series of acts, the AABI will celebrate the conmemroración of this battle, where the international volunteers, united to the rest of the Republican forces, manage to stop the advance of the Francoist troops towards Madrid.

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Friday 17

10.30 Bus departure from Hotel Agumar

12.00 Homage to the brigades deceased and buried in the cemetery of Tarancón

14.00 Food in Tarancón

17.30 departure of the buses from Tarancón to Rivas-Vaciamadrid

19.00 Tribute ceremony at the Teatro Pilar Bardem in Rivas-Vaciamadrid


Saturday 18


 9.00 Bus departure from the Hotel Agumar (please visit 8.45)

10.00 start of the Jarama march

14.00 Meal at El Cid Inn in Morata de Tajuña

19.00 Fiesta popular in Rivas Vaciamadrid

The march of 2017 will be dedicated to the XV BI: We'll go from the positions defended by the British battalion on the 12-14 of February (stops 1 and 2) to the positions in which he fought the Lincoln Battalion (stops 3 and 4) on the last day of the battle , February 27th. In following his footsteps we will also evoke the struggle of the other Republican units that stopped the Francoist offensive in these hills and valleys.


The beginning of the march will be next to the junction of the Cañada Galiana (Sunken Road) with km 4.4 of the road M-302. As there will be parking problems, we are kindly requested to use the coaches that charter the AABI as far as possible. In any case you will have to be very careful to park without invading the farms and taking advantage of the space that there is, without impeding the transit of the buses and other vehicles.


The march starts at 10am and the first stop will be on the Esplanade next to Kit Conway's memorial and the British battalion's Volunteers. Miguel Ángel García will be the guide to explain the historical facts, as he did last year. There will be translation into English. During the march there will be performances of the Musical group of the AABI.


The second stop will be at Cota 700, in a place where the two front lines were close, Republican and Franco. There you can see some fortifications that still remain of the Franco fortified line.


Then we will march along a path close to the Republican line, leaving to the right the trenches defended by the battalions of the XV BI. For him we will arrive at a small hill entrenched in which Michelangelo will explain the Republican attack of February 27 and what were the fighting in the following months until June 1937.


The last stop will be next to the Charlie Donnelly Memorial and the Lincoln Battalion volunteers. Here we will make the joint homage to all those who fought for freedom in the lands of the Jarama.


At the end of the event, the buses will take the diners to Morata de Tajuña. Participants who have come by private car will carefully return to the roadside of the road to the place where they left the car parked (see dashed orange Line).


We hope that this remembrance of yesterday's struggles will serve to keep alive the spirit of resistance that encouraged those heroes and to continue to fight for their ideals of freedom, peace and justice.