Condor Georadar is a Spanish company of electronic detections by means of sophisticated devices. They have detected more than a hundred mass graves since the law of historical memory was launched, finding a large number of soldiers from the International Brigades. Now it has been the Libyan government that has been interested in its work. The speed of closing the contract is a priority for the Libyan government since one of the key factors in finding the bodies in good condition is to find them in a short period of time. It is estimated that they should be working on the ground for about four months.

In addition to locating mass graves, Condor Georadar regularly collaborates with the state's bodies and security forces to find missing persons. They have recently found the bodies of a woman and her son murdered 18 years ago in Huelva.

They have also demanded their services for such disparate matters as the location of archaeological remains or the discovery of oil pollution by the petroleum companies.

News of the program Spain Directo that presents Mamen Asencio in Rne issued on 16/1/2012. Source: Rtve