The conference, to be held on November 23rd in Nanterre (France) are titled "Brigaditas and Foreign volunteers of the Spanish War: return to the sources."

Organized from the Library of contemporary Documentation (BDIC) in Nanterre, they are specially oriented to make known the conservation of the documentary funds, of different formats that have come to our days and that have been the managers of To transmit all the knowledge on the subject of the Spanish War and the international volunteers.

On the other hand they will also deal with the theme of the conservation and dissemination of the sources through different means such as digitization.

A number of centres will participate in the study, conservation and dissemination of everything related to international brigades.

The CEDOBI will also participate through a presentation by the co-director of the CEDOBI, Antonio Selva Iniesta, "Albacete in the imaginary of the International Brigades through the funds of the CEDOBI"

The days are free and will be held in the conference Room of the University of Paris in Nanterre.

Full programme of the Conference