The general function pursued with the operation of the Center of Studies and Documentation of the International Brigades (CEDOBI) is to encourage the memory of the brigades and to broaden the scientific knowledge of the International Brigades and the last war Spanish civil.



  1. The recovery of the documentary sources and the conducting of oral video interviews to members of the International Brigades, to their relatives and to those people who had any relationship with them.
  2. To facilitate the consultation of the files obtaining the reproduction of documentation that is in the power of private or scattered in different files and centers of documentation.
  3. To promote research through doctoral courses, seminars and the management of doctoral theses.
  4. The programming of congresses, courses and conferences.
  5. Dissemination of what were the International brigades in the context of the Spanish Civil War through the collection "The Light of the memo" that will carry out publications on this subject, through the publications service of the University of Castilla-La Mancha.
  6. The knowledge of what were the International brigades in the context of the contemporary history and more specifically in the Spanish Civil War, among the students of the different levels of baccalaureat since it has been this one page of our history Long hidden and manipulated.
  7. The establishment of cultural and scientific links with organizations dedicated to the study, dissemination and recovery of the memory of the International brigades of different countries.