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Víctor Rubiera. (Oviedo, 1922 –?)

Although born in Oviedo, his childhood runs in several towns until reaching Nules (Valencian Community), where he establishes with his family.

When the Spanish Civil War erupted, his father marched to the front of Guadalajara, so, after a while, Victor Rubiera decides to March also in his search.

It arrives in Madrid and it is through a French Commissioner so it enters to be part of the International Brigades like gunner.

He will fight in the Madrid front: in the university city, in the country house and in Pozuelo.

He also participated in the famous and bloody battle of the Ebro.

It will return to Valencia and is destined to Almansa, where when receiving military training it is again sent to the combat. It is made prisoner and takes it to Moncofar (Castellón), but manages to be liberated and to reach its native land, Asturias.

About the year 1950 or 1951 emigrate to the Uruguayan city of Montevideo.