Falsifies the personal card to pretend that he was 18 years old when in fact he was 17 before the war studied by industrial expert specialized in explosion engines ready the Fifth Regiment, UHP Battalion, 2nd. UHP Battalion in the War school specialized in tanks wounded twice to the Battle of the Ebro, was convalescent in Rubí arrives at the French border on February 9, 1939 with 7 tanks T-26 and only 19 years passes through several fields in France and is integrated in the 98 º CTE asked and was granted to enlist in the British Expeditionary Corps for tank maintenance with the intention of going to England but in Dunkerque his ship was sunk and returned to the beach. It fled to the south but the Germans stop it near Angoulême, return it to Argelès and its company of CTE, after 70 CTE. Winter of 1940 in Germany working in an armament factory April 1941 at 91 º GTE in various parts of France, like Lorient working of construction of a base of submarines manages to flee and in December of 1941 requests asylum in the Spanish embassy, make it a Favorable report and send it to Spain, first in Miranda de Ebro. They do not discover their participation in the Civil War and "only" they condemn it to forced labor (it was finally one year) and three years of Mili for "disaffection" for not having done the military service, all this in Majorca, where it will be installed definitively.