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Venezuelan Brigadista, killed in combat on February 22, 1937 in Pingarrón (Madrid), belonging to the 18 mixed brigade. Its name appears in some writings on Venezuelans in the International Brigades.

In the book "Latin American Volunteers in the Spanish Civil war. In the International Brigades, in the militias, the rearguard and the popular army "of Gerold Gino Baumann, the following poem appears:

Óscar Pantoja Velázquez,
His name, Blood in Spain,
Rough, red, hot run,
Through the streets of Caracas.

His voice was in the air
When he cut the bullet,
His eyes were closed
And he slept his word.

Death came to his hands
As if it were a letter
Half in closed sheets,
Half in open spread.

It also refers to his mention in a book-homage to L. Ruiz Pinedo in which he commented that "Óscar Pantoja, a humble Moreno, Caracas boy, inflamed with Republican passion went to dress the heroic costume of the Spanish militia…"