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Juan Miguel de Mora (Madrid, 1921-)

Writer, journalist, teacher…

When the civil war began in Spain, Juan Miguel de Mora was in Paris, where he studied in French. Knowing the outbreak of the conflict, he decides to come to Spain to help the Republic. Then I counted only 14 years old.

It manages to arrive in Madrid and joins the organization of the Unified Socialist Youth (JSU), is recruited in the Fifth Regiment, but is discharged by not reaching the minimum age required to remain in ranks. Tenacious, it does not leave its purpose sideways and continues in Spain to defend its ideals.

You will go through different populations and positions, always inside the JSU. Later, when joining the anti-fascist Youth Alliance, he began writing articles and in March 1938 he was part of the newspaper "Alianza". In the month of July is sent as a journalist to the Battle of the Ebro. There he decides to join the fight and is integrated in the 15th International Brigade, in the Spanish Battalion.

Wounded in the front of the Ebro, it is transferred to the Hospital of Falset (Tarragona) and then to Barcelona, where it would finish recovering.

Proposed by the JSU as the war Commissioner, Juan Miguel de Mora is located in Figueras when the war is ending and the Nationals are about to reach victory. When it escapes the city, another of the episodes of vital importance for this volunteer of the freedom takes place; To protect the column of evacuation of civilians fleeing Figueras to France, being in charge of the situation to not find any officer in charge.

He arrives in France and is taken prisoner and transferred to a concentration camp, which manages to escape and then take a boat to return to his country, Mexico.

Intellectual multifaceted, he has done extensive work in the world of culture, as a journalist, writer and filmmaker, among other areas.

Founder of the Weekly "La Voz de Chontalpa" and director of "Diario de Tabasco", as well as collaborator in many other media.

Author of more than 50 works, among which are also articles and monographs dedicated to the Spanish Civil War and the International Brigades.

His life is an example of the defense of freedom and justice.